Ted Howze Places In “Top Two”; Heads to November Runoff

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Turlock, CA – Tonight, we took the first step to putting the hard-working people of the Central Valley first. I am grateful for the overwhelming support I’ve received from Republican, Independent, and Democrat voters throughout the 10th Congressional District. Our top-two finish was a team effort, with countless people tired of the special interest-dominated politics in Congress coming together and waging a positive campaign.

Our campaign talked, and will continue talking, about the issues that are impacting people’s daily lives. The political class in charge in D.C. and Sacramento have failed to provide adequate or affordable healthcare options, prioritize patients, or relieve our skyrocketing cost of living. People need relief, not only in healthcare, but housing, and the cost of food and gas.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me to this point, your effort and hard work has been inspiring, but this is just the first step. Moving forward to November, we welcome everyone who wants to see positive change and are ready to give the D.C. political class a swift kick in the…well, you know.

Background: Dr. Ted Howze was raised on Central Valley farms and worked his way through school as a Firefighter and EMT. He’s a married father of three who has spent the last twenty-six years working with Valley dairies and ranches as a large animal veterinarian. Ted has served our communities as both a high school football coach and city councilmember. He’s not a career politician or lobbyist, but a conservative who always tells it like it is.

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