Cost of Living & Housing

Too many Valley residents must work multiple jobs while still struggling to pay rent, buy groceries, and afford the gas necessary to commute long distances to jobs that pay a living wage. We are falling through the cracks, and I want to change that! We must stop our share of federal tax dollars generated locally from being diverted into the Bay Area and Southern California. I will fight for working families to ensure an equitable return of our money to improve local roads and create a pro-jobs environment. My signature project as a member of the Turlock City Council – the Turlock Regional Industrial Park – has created over a thousand new high-paying jobs in high-tech agricultural manufacturing without raising local taxes. 

Health Care

My own family fell victim to our broken healthcare system when my first wife passed away in 2013 due to an undiagnosed genetic heart arrhythmia. Battling with her health insurer to get the testing she needed just reinforced the stereotype that the system puts profit ahead of patients. I believe we must put quality patient care first – period! We do that by protecting people with pre-existing conditions, removing roadblocks to testing and treatment by giving doctors the final say, not insurers, lowering the cost of prescription medications, opening up competition across state lines, and adopting new technologies like telemedicine.

National Defense

Keeping Americans safe and secure is the primary responsibility of government and is vital in order to enjoy the freedoms and prosperity we all cherish. On the international stage, America should always stand up for the values that have made our country great and given so many hope. We should always stand strong against terrorism and rogue nations that sponsor terrorist activities. On the home front, I understand as a former firefighter that our first responders MUST have adequate funding for the equipment and training they need to deal with new and evolving threats to our security. 

Supporting Law Enforcement

As a former first responder, I understand the value of those who serve our communities and ensure the public’s safety. I adamantly oppose defunding our law enforcement departments and will back legislation that will make the killing of any law enforcement officer a Federal crime subject to the death penalty.


My wife Laura is a teacher, and I understand that one-size-fits-all policies from Washington D.C. do not practically work in our local schools. Local parents and teachers should be empowered to help local students learn and succeed. I will fight for increased STEAM education funding and to make sure education dollars go to teachers and classrooms.


I fully welcome legal immigration but adamantly oppose uncontrolled borders that lead to human trafficking, predatory abuse of children, and exploitation of immigrant workers. Those migrating to the United States legally should be paid fair wages that allow them to support their families and fully participate as valued members of our community.


As a small business owner of more than twenty-five years, I know what it takes to create an environment where jobs can be created and workers can thrive. I will fight to keep taxes low so that individuals and families can keep more of their hard-earned dollars needed for California’s ever increasing cost of living. I’ll fight for investment in programs that bring high-paying jobs to the Valley just as I did while on the Turlock City Council. I’ll work to end unnecessary regulations and coordinate with local leaders to create an environment where businesses can prosper.


Droughts may be nature’s fault, but water shortages are 100% politicians’ faults! As a lifelong member of the agricultural community, I know water is the Valley’s most valuable natural resource. For years politicians have promised to stand up and protect the Central Valley’s water resources, but they haven’t delivered. They have done little to build new water storage facilities like Sites Dam or Temperance Flat or to protect Central Valley farmers. I am not beholden to rabid environmentalists or LA and San Francisco politicians. I will actively seek to fully fund and grow our Central Valley water storage capacity. I will work across party lines at federal, state, and local levels to protect the rights of our regional water agencies to actually build the new water storage projects we so desperately need in California.


Our region has a heavy concentration of veterans, and I believe that we owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have served in our nation’s armed forces. I will fight to make sure that our Veterans have a strong vocal advocate in Washington D.C., ensuring they receive the quality care that they were promised.


I am pro-life and have long supported adoption and crisis pregnancy clinics for the great work they do in our communities.

Second Amendment

I fully support the second amendment as a constitutional rights. Firearm ownership by honest and law abiding citizens makes us safer by acting as a powerful deterrent to crime.