Plan for better more affordable healthcare, and protecting Medicare

Facts, not politics. My story.

My own family fell victim to our broken healthcare system when my first wife passed away in 2013 from an undiagnosed treatable heart condition that a big corporate health insurer repeatedly refused to test her for. Battling with her health insurer to get the testing she needed just reinforced the stereotype that the system puts profit ahead of patients. I vowed to take on the corporate healthcare companies and protect others. This is personal. I believe we must put quality patient care first, period!

We must drastically reduce healthcare costs to ensure both affordability and the long-term sustainability of our healthcare system. Americans spend far more on healthcare than any other country. The big drug companies jack up prices on the same life-saving medicines and treatments that can be bought for a fraction of the cost in other countries.  And for too many working people, premiums, co-pays, and deductibles are so expensive that they can’t even afford to use the insurance they have.

Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy for Americans. It’s time to attack high costs by targeting monopolistic practices and price gouging; shortening patent periods on drugs, and doing more to pay providers for the quality of care – not just the volume of patients added annually.

My plan for making healthcare more affordable includes:

  • Supporting coverage for all pre-existing conditions
  • Opening up competition for health insurers across state lines
  • Making clear price posting mandatory for all medical professions and facilities
  • Eliminating State level Insurance commissioners, who regulate private health insurers, in favor of one national non-partisan insurance review board. (Insurance commissioners are after all politicians, subject to intense lobbying by special interest groups)
  • Incentivizing new technologies in healthcare including telemedicine
  • Making sure people can keep their existing coverage even if they change jobs
  • Creating an income tax free Health Savings Account that can be drawn upon for any family member

Covering Seniors

First and foremost, our seniors must receive increased benefits AND all I will introduce legislation to exempt all Social Security Benefits from State and Federal income taxes.

Second, the waste fraud and abusive payments to ineligible recipients must end so that we may increase benefits to rightful recipients who’ve worked to pay for them.

Medicare must be funded for all American citizens who choose it. We can provide short-term cost relief by increasing competition on the marketplaces by letting younger Americans buy into Medicare, curtailing prescription drug prices through competitive bidding, and bringing more people into the system at younger ages.

Covering the Poor

Block granting Medicaid funding to individual States and allowing them to operate County Health systems would be the most cost effective method to provide care. Each State could also require medical school graduates from taxpayer funded programs to complete a 2 year internship at a County hospital as a prerequisite to receiving their license to practice medicine.