The United States, like any other sovereign nation, has a responsibility to its citizens to secure our borders. We must know who is coming in and out of our country by controlling all border traffic in a lawful manner. Any immigration reform measure must begin with securing our borders!
In order to achieve the goals of controlling the flow of immigrants into America our immigration system must be modernized. We must have the capability to track visa holders who overstay their legal welcome while simultaneously expanding guest worker programs that will help fill the jobs Americans will not fill, especially in agriculture. 
While I will demand accountability from those who enter our country illegally and never support blanket amnesty, I do believe we should establish an EARNED path to citizenship for those who have abided by our laws and contributed to our economy. Especially those who were brought to the country as minors by their parents and legally registered under the DACA program. These young people have grown up in the United States and should be granted an opportunity to become Americans. We should freeze the status of DACA registrants until immigration reforms are passed as part of an entire immigration package and then be granted adequate time to seek citizenship.

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