Fixing Healthcare

Dr. Howze has spent his entire professional life caring for both people and animals as a licensed EMT\Firefighter then as a licensed veterinarian. Unfortunately, Dr. Howze's first wife was a victim of a system that consistently puts bureaucracy before the health of our patients. We must come together to reform a healthcare system where medical costs are skyrocketing without improving patient care while patients who would be healthier if they could afford basic preventive care are priced out until it's too late. This is the result of government putting regulations above reality and an industry that puts profits before patients.

We must reduce waste and fraud, empower the doctor-patient relationship, and improve the health of all American people. What Dr. Howze promises to do is to roll up his sleeves and be part of the solution in making health care available and affordable to all American's without bankrupting our nation.


Lowering Costs is Critical

Health care costs too much. Retail charges are too high, and insurance premiums have become unaffordable for too many individuals, families, and small businesses. As it stands, the law fails to adequately address rising costs. In Congress, Dr. Howze will identify and address the causes of rising costs, like fraud and wasteful practices. It is within our grasp to ensure that quality care is available and affordable for all.

Two of the biggest drivers of cost in our system—waste and fraud—can be readily addressed by instituting more communication, transparency and accountability. This does not require increased government control: we can equip caregivers, medical staff, and patients with the tools to monitor the system themselves. Shared information, increased consumer choice, and market competition are powerful forces in reducing costs.

Advancements in technological and scientific knowledge will transform medicine once more, dramatically lowering costs and raising outcomes. We can empower physicians and patients with the information they need to make the best treatment decisions by expanding electronic decision support. We can create a claims processing system for physicians, as we have for pharmacists, banks, and investments. We can invest in tools that save on administrative costs while preventing criminal and wasteful fraud. But to solve these pressing problems, we need leaders who care more about fixing our healthcare system than winning petty political battles.



  • Vote By Absentee ballot or in person on March 3rd, 2020


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