Too many of our Veterans struggle after leaving active military duty. For some it's the loss of purpose, for others it's the lack of camaraderie and for far too many it's depression that follows a collapse of their daily support system.


For too many of our nation's heroes, life after active duty leads to depression as they struggle to find a purpose in life. Many lose all passion and drive feeling left in limbo without a way out. Work provides little escape as many veterans feel they don't fit in with the people around them. Sadly, too many of our veterans turn to alcohol and drugs which has led to our nations veteran suicide & homelessness issues.


What if veterans could work with other veterans in the civilian world? How much would having a support system at work help our veteran population?


I am proposing Congress create a new Veterans Small Business Administration Loan Bank that would loan veterans with a qualified business plan up to one million dollars at 3 percent interest to start a new business plus a $6800 annual Federal tax credit for each veteran employee working a full year at the company. That is a major incentive above current VA loan programs that currently only offer up to $350K at 2.5% - 4.75% over prime rate with no tax credits. No saavy business person pays above prime rate and our veteran's deserve better!


I believe this would go a long way to putting veterans to work at good jobs when they depart active service and allow them to continue to work in an environment of mutual camaraderie and support. Healthy work with a purpose inspires a health mind and soul.

  • Vote By Absentee ballot or in person on March 3rd, 2020


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