Let's step back from all the political rhetoric for a moment to talk about guns.


First, all sane Americans agree that nobody's in favor of children being murdered at school. I'd venture to say we are all universally disgusted by the thought.


Rushing to condemn all gun owners, including responsible NRA members, for the insane actions of a few mentally unstable individuals is counter-productive and unnecessarily polarizing. Why aren't we focusing on the real issue in America's schools which is mentally disturbed individuals who are on psychotropic drugs? There are indisputable statistics linking these individuals with a high percentage of mass casualty school shooting sprees. Yet certain people keep trying to take away guns as a solution instead of removing disturbed individuals from our schools.


Now before you dissenters say "We can't remove the kids on antidepressant or attention deficit disorder drugs from school", I'll remind you that you're quite easily proposing stripping EVERY single American of their constitutionally protected second amendment rights whenever you propose banning guns.


So how about both sides of the gun argument come to an agreement that leads to actual solutions? Those of us on the Pro 2A side will agree to federal background checks, including mental health backgrounds, waiting periods and required firearm safety courses prior to all first time firearm purchases. Those on the opposite side should agree to stop pretending like 2A rights don’t exist in the constitution, calling for the bans on semi-automatic guns and over reacting to every shooting by branding law abiding citizens as part of the problem.


Lets find solutions that really protect our children while ending the needless political squabling.



About the author:

Ted Howze is running for Congress in California's 10th district.

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