The United States is the living embodiment of an idea born out of tyranny and the thirst for human liberty. Our founding fathers carried a deeply rooted belief in individualism and personal responsibility. For them, the individual and his dependence upon self-reliance were of preeminent importance.

Let there be no mistake. Our Founders created the greatest nation to ever exist on this planet and the United States of America has provided more freedom, liberty and contributions to improving the human condition than any other nation ever! As Americans, our greatest gift is being born into the guaranteed freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Sadly, though we may all pursue, we will not all achieve.

This reality is driving louder and more insistent cries for "economic justice". Economic justice can subjectively be defined by the degree to which the political and social separation between a nation's richest and poorest members is narrowest. A society where the "value" of a human being is more important than their political power or economic wealth.

The question becomes: 1) Do we choose a future that abandons the capitalism model and migrates towards economic justice and an economy dominated by the political order, such as in communism or socialism? Or do we 2) maintain a rationalized interaction between governmental and economic institutions directed toward achieving the Founders established goals of individual freedoms and liberty?

It seems obvious to me that tinkering with greatest success in human history may be foolish. Our Founders recognized over 200 years ago that all they ever could offer a free people was an equality of opportunity, not an equality of results. What we do know is that the "economic justice" models of socialism and communism have failed 100% of the time throughout human history if not held together by brutal tyranny and military force.

If we are to continue to be the fulfillment of our Founders dreams then we as Americans must reject any notion that our wellbeing as an individual is reliant upon government in any form. We truly must understand to maintain freedom that self-reliance is still of preeminent importance. The future of America depends on rejecting socialism and it's "promise" of "economic justice".

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