Imagine if every time you went to the bank to use your ATM card a masked robber told you that in order to use YOUR money that you'd have to first pay him a ransom for the use of the machine.


You now understand the congressional budget process!


America's budget process has become a manage by crisis shambles where special interests hold up the process or refuse to participate solely for the purposes of grandstanding in election years.


The Omnibus spending bill passed in both houses of Congress on March 22nd was the biggest & worst ever for Americans. It balloons our national debt and continues funding wasteful spending that made voting NO a slam dunk for any fiscally minded human being.


Yet elected officials like Representative Jeff Denham in California's 10 District, who did vote no, released a press statement saying he only voted no on the basis of wanting a backdoor DACA fix included in the omnibus spending bill. So DACA amnesty was all that mattered in securing a yes on insane spending that mortgages our children's futures Jeff? This is not uncommon because politicians regularly use hot button issues to deflect from real accountability and the monumental task of getting our unbridled addiction to spending under control.


Why are we in this mess? Because of the way government budgets!


You and I look at how much we are earning in income and make spending decisions across also meaningful time periods. A process referred to "Zero Based Budgeting". We budget ahead knowing how much money we can afford to spend. As an example, we may budget $800 for Raiders tickets this year knowing we can afford to take the family to a game this season. But nobody is likely to budget the same $800 or even $1000 for tickets two years in advance. Why? Because were smart enough to recognize that there are too many unknowns in the future. Unfortunately the way most average people think about money is not the way the United States government thinks about money.


The federal government uses “baseline budgeting,” as mandated by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. That means each year, instead of starting at zero, the government begins budgeting based on what they spend the previous year, with projected increases over each previous year. That means there’s no place to go but up. Bureaucrats and special interests love it!


The Congressional Budget Office projects a spending increase for the Federal government of approximately $2.5 trillion over the next 10 years and our national debt will climb from $21 to $28 trillion dollars. Large portions of that increase will be from money we borrow to pay for interest on our existing debt.


But politicians keep lying to us about fiscal responsibility and budget cuts. For example, through the magic of baseline budgeting, if the budget only increases in Federal expenditures by anything less than the $14 trillion projection over the 10 year period it characterized as a budget CUT! That’s right, in 2028, even if we were spending $12 trillion more than we are today versus the $14 trillion projection, we would all be celebrating the “significant” budget cuts that were made in 2018. A “bogus” cut!


Not only aren’t our elected leader in Congress NOT cutting the budget in 2018, they are growing it recklessly!


Something has to change!


Ted Howze is a Republican running for Congress in California's 10th District. #CA10 or follow on twitter: @ted_howze

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